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Pond Center
Beringenbaan 63
3290 Buy - Diest
Phone: +32 (0)13-555200

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Opening hours:


Wednesday to Friday

from 10am to 6pm

Saturday and Sunday

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


We regularly travel to Japan...

Three to four times a year we go to Japan to buy new Koi.
Sometimes we only travel to Niigata in the north of Japan, but often we also make a combination trip and then travel from the north to Hiroshima in the south of Japan.
Frequently, customers can accompany us on a trip to Japan.
Of course that has its advantages; because what could be nicer than to sniff the charm of the breeding areas (mountains) and also to select your own fish on the spot. Everyone who has already experienced such a DaniKoi trip is very enthusiastic, as witnessed by the newest Benelux Boysband on tour in Japan:
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